Citizen Invention empowers kids through design thinking and invention literacy, so they can playfully reinvent the world they live in!


The advances in maker technologies have bridged the gaps between ideation and production, and everyone with creative thoughts and basic training can now realize their ideas and invent projects for fun to solve daily problems easily. Citizen Invention aims to foster children, youth and educators’ creative confidence through design thinking and invention literacy, and empower them to become innovative problem solvers through everyday invention.

Pedagogical Principles

Design Thinking is a human-centered, collaborative and experimental approach to creative solutions. Through a systematic method of discovery, interpretation, ideation, prototyping and iteration, everyone can release his/her imagination to solve problems with confidence and joy.

Invention Literacy is the ability to understand and produce various types of human made works (from daily interactive gadgets to mobile apps). With this new literacy, daily technologies and objects will no longer be black boxes to learners but understandable human-made designs that can inspire new creations and innovations.

Playful Experimentation is the best form of learning that releases imagination. Learners test boundaries, try different ways, and invent new approaches to use various objects around them as they play. Playful experimentation encourages learners to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) concepts in serious, fun and encouraging ways.