Video Game Design (Gr.K-2) 

​We can make that video game your kid won’t put down more educational by teaching him or her how to move beyond consumer to creator-maker. Go behind the screens and learn to create a playable, tablet-friendly video game. You’ll build them from scratch: from background scenery to characters to plot. Along the way, you’ll pick up basic programming concepts and discover how ideas go from paper to screen (Registration).

Full STEAM Ahead (Gr. K-2)

Explore the basics of graphical programming, modular electronics, and engineering as you create short digital animations and interactive stories and make arcade games, sensor-activated cars, pinball machines and more fun stuff! (Registration).

Creative Robotics (Gr.3-5)
Robots are all about sensors, controllers and actuators. How may various combinations of these components lead to magical use of robots in our daily life (e.g. play, dance, sing, and do chores)? Come to learn about EZ Robotics system and other educational robots that equip the latest sensors (e.g. vision tracking, speech recognition) and actuators for creative play (Registration).

The Internet of Things (Gr. 5-8)

Did you know that your pet can send you a message to let you know that he/she is hungry? That you can use your voice to activate various smart gadgets? Welcome to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). In this program, we will use design thinking method to explore creative uses of IoT in our daily life. We are going to prototype IoT gadgets using littleBits™, make everyday objects intelligent and enable them to communicate with and do things for you (Registration). 

Touch-Activated Invention (Gr.3-8)
Have you thought of that plants can talk, surfaces on the floor can interact with your computers, and your drawings can make music? Come to invent your touch-activated interactive things. In this STEAM program, you will learn about touch-activated electronic boards, and create innovative musical things, interactive artworks, or magical game controllers. Using design thinking approach and game design principles, we will collaboratively turn the classroom into an interactive playroom and/or gallery for your friends and families to explore (Registration).

Humanoid Robots (Gr.3-8)
What can humanoid robots do? Walk, talk, dance, sing..... and more! In this program, participants will program humanoid robots using EZ-Robot kits. They will learn to use commands and write programs (using RoboScratch or EZ-Script) to let humanoid robots perform singing, dancing, daily conversations and other interactions. They will also learn design thinking approach to create innovative use cases of humanoid robots in everyday life (Registration coming soon).

2018 Programs

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